Sanitrux Turn-About Linen Delivery Carts

Two carts for the price of one!

          The original Turn-About cart converts from shelf storage for clean linens,
          to a bin for soiled laundry. One trip from the laundry with clean linen.
          One trip back using the same cart for soiled linen.

Turn-About Delivery Carts

Standard Models:
650-M: 41 cu.ft. capacity
   W:27.5 L:51 H:62 D:51
650-SX: 41 cu.ft. capacity
   W:27.5 L:51 H:59 D:51
650-SXB: with non-marking bumper
   W:28.5 L:52 H:59 d:51
650-X: 45 cu.ft. capacity
   W:28 L:54.5 H:59 d:51
650-XB: with non-marking bumper
   W:29 L:55.5 H:59 D:51
650-NX: 48 cu.ft. capacity
   W:28 L:54.5 H:63 D:55
650-NXB: with non-marking bumper
   W:29 L:55.5 H:63 d:55
650-L: 56 cu.ft. capacity
   W:28.5 L:59.75 H:66 d:57.5
650-LB: with non-marking bumper
   W:29.5 L:60.75 H:66 D:57.5

Standard Features:
1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Heavy-duty Performa casters
Caster thread guards
2 chest handles
Drain holes
2 removable shelves
Shelves slant back 2.5"
Converts to a bin cart
9 standard colors

Click here for standard specifications.

Hanger bar
Standard platform
Towing system
Document pocket
Non-Marking rubber bumper
Custom stencil
Caster position locks
Spring-loaded handles
Alternate casters
Caster brake
Stainless push handle
Tow system
Conveyor plate
Document pocket
Nylon conver
Hand holes
Drain valve

laundries, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, rehab facilities, clean rooms, manufacturing, hotels, resorts, waterparks, uniform rental services

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